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Wine Making Club

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The Winemaking Club is designed to help you understand the winemaking process, learn about winemaking etiquette, and - more importantly -  give you a chance to sample a variety of wines you may never have thought of trying.

Three club sessions will be held throughout 2022. Each session will feature a different wine. Sign up for one session or sign up for them all! The beauty of the Winemaking Club is that you can decide how involved you want to be. Complete all the steps with the group, or If something comes up during one of the evenings we are preparing the wine, no problem. Join us for the next step. At the end of each session, we will gather together, sample our wine, share what we've learned, AND you will go home with three bottles of your own wine to age for special occasions. (Other beautiful things about the Winemaking Club are that you get to leave the mess at our place and you get to meet others who share similar interests as you.)