Road Trip Mystery Knit Along


Join us for the 3rd annual Road Trip Mystery Shawl Knit Along. We're taking a virtual trip to Florida with lots of knitting along the way. The adventure will kick off on Local Yarn Shop Day, 4/30/22.

How to Join In

  • Order your yarn. Choose one of the 8 yummy colorways of Emma's Practically Perfect Sock yarn or pull from your stash. If you want to put together yarns from your stash, you will need four colorways of fingering weight yarn, about 325 yards each: 1 Dark Solid/Tonal, 1 Medium Solid/Tonal, 1 Light Solid/Tonal, 1 pop or variegated/speckle that ties together the first three.

  • Buy the pattern.Β The pattern is available on Ravelry. Purchase now then the pattern will update as each clue is released. As each clue is released the pattern price will increase.
  • Read more about the knit along on the Road Trip Mystery web site.
  • Watch the Intro Video
  • Connect
    • Facebook - share your progress and cheer on others in the Road Trip Mystery Facebook Group.
    • Zoom - after each clue is released, we'll have a Zoom session the following Monday to answer questions, share progress and encourage each other. The Zoom schedule will be emailed to you before the launch.
    • Instagram - post your progress pictures with @roadtripmystery
    • There will be prizes awarded from those who post on social media.
  • Choose Beads. There will be clues that include the option of incorporating seed beads. If you choose to add beads, you will need up to 510 size 6/0 or 5/0 beads. We sell our 6/0 beads in 3" tubes which contain about 150-160 per tube so you will need up to 4 tubes of our beads. You can choose all one color or you can mix it up. We have selected 3 or 4 bead colors for each combo of Emma's yarns plus we recommend Silver Lined Crystal if you're unsure of color - it looks good on everything. Click the image to check out the beads we have recommended for each colorway.

To add the beads to your shawl you will need either a dental floss threader (available from your local pharmacy), a small crochet hook, a Beadle Needle or an Elastic Cord Needle.Β